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S., the Baja Peninsula, and parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
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However, that still won’t completely protect you from people who misrepresent themselves.

Here is an article that lays out why online dating is a mis in providing people with chances for true romance, mainly based off an interview with Eli Finkel, an associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University. Online dating sites pours out TOO MANY profiles of people that lack information, and you end up “shopping” for a future lover2.

Despite still facing the occasional naysayer, the Internet and dating have proved to be a match made in heaven.

Altogether, the four largest companies account for 49.1% of US dating service revenue.

Verizon (vz) says it bought AOL (aol) because of the latter’s digital content and ad technology.

But nearly a quarter of AOL’s revenue still comes from something more retro: dial-up.