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Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewart WHO THEY DATED: Robert Pattinson RPattz dated Nikki for a few months in 2009, but he supposedly broke things off…

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She’s hiding beside the bed and the lights are off. For those of you who don’t know what Face Time is, follow this link.It wasn’t my cell phone, so I figured my wife changed her ringtone and it was hers. The room dark, my wife on the floor beside the bed (naked), the Ipad on the bed face up, and me standing there in absolute bewildered horror as I slowly creep up to the thing as if it were some Ouijai board that moved on it’s own, we hear: “Hello?

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Apple nije odgovoran za odabir, performanse ni korištenje web-stranica ni proizvoda drugih proizvođača.The screen caps below are from a recent interview Miley Cyrus did in which she strips naked and masturbates for a reporter over Face Time.Clearly this is the most honest and open way to interview not just Miley Cyrus but any female celebrity.Apple ne iznosi mišljenja o točnosti ni pouzdanosti web-stranica drugih proizvođača.Prilikom korištenja interneta uvijek postoje rizici. Obratite se davatelju usluge da biste saznali više.The video of this interview will certainly provide a revealing look into the hopelessly corrupt mind of your average celebrity slut.