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Our members lead content, busy and fulfilling lifestyles but reach a point where they don’t have enough time to find that special person.


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No great shakes, LOVE SICK LOVE still manages to tread an unusual path between dark comedy and something akin to terror/horror, while remaining on its feet, if not its toes.

Well acted and directed and competently written, the movie has a professional sheen and is never hard to watch.

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To prove that something happened after some time in a distributed way, just refer to something publicly know just before. (Though I wonder how to make the time granularity smaller.) What about to prove that something happened before some time in a distributed way ?

, it’s speaking and making decisions as that character; in a LARP, or live-action roleplay, it’s acting as that character.


:( In most forum roleplay, including ‘Souls, OOC and IC posts are counted separately.In roleplay, the overarching setting and many other aspects of the “story” have already been set.You control your character’s destiny, and much of the fun comes from interacting with other players and their characters.Approximately one-fifth of the Earth’s total freshwater resources can be found in South Asia – the home of around 1.7 billion people (Figure 1). (2008), ‘Statistical modeling of global geogenic fluoride contamination in groundwaters’, Environmental Science & Technology, 42(10): 3662-3668. During the monsoon surface water is abundant throughout the region; during the dry season surface water scarcity is common. How to make it more accurate, for example, an hour, a minute, a second, a milli-second?