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[Magazine Excerpt] Since the mesozoic year of 2002, when they intro-duced themselves as, respectively, VV and Hotel to a chorus of are they or aren’t they?

whispers and White Stripes comparisons, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have been all too happy to cultivate a little mystery.

THERE aren't many female contemporary musicians whose style is quite as universally envied as Alison Mosshart, but - apparently - the key to rock 'n' roll chic is simple. Record covers still inspire me in terms of clothes, some bands just look sharp.

Just start with skateboarding magazines."Skateboarding magazines were a huge influence," said Mosshart. When I was really young, my mum used to make my clothes - I hated that. But I still wear stuff I owned when I was 16."One half of indie band The Kills, Mosshart's bandmate Jamie Hince takes an equally laid back approach to style - despite being married to Kate Moss."I only ever feel pressure when you're faced with horrible photographers outside your front door," Hince said. That pressure never comes from her - she doesn't care what I wear."Music is unarguably the pair's priority.

But that's not all, rumour has it that the pair reenacted Romeo & Juliet during the ceremony...

She is pecking out a note on a white typewriter in the tony lounge of Manhattan’s Bowery Hotel and not drinking her glass of too-sweet mulled wine.

The fireplace rages while the rest of the city digs itself out from a foot of fresh late-January snow, lending the room the cozy feel of a well-appointed Swiss ski lodge. “It’s all absolute rubbish,” adds Hince, 41, plopped beside her on a plush sofa, futzing with a vintage Super 8 camera and jotting a note in a soft leather-bound journal.

“It’s a form of bullying, but whatever.” If you have forged any image of the Kills over the course of their career, this tableau likely fits: downtown high-society with a thing for analog tchotchkes, 40 years too late to be the house band for blues night at the Factory.

(All that’s missing presently is the cigarettes — when antismoking advocates worry that kids may think smoking looks cool, Alison Mosshart is what they’re talking about.) Among the published rumors Hince claims no knowledge of until hearing them repeated back is that he was planning to busy himself during Mosshart’s extended Dead Weather sabbatical by forming a band with Moss on vocals.