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The comedian, 52, filed for divorce from her husband of close to four years, according to TMZ.Lampanelli married Jimmy Cannizzaro in New York City in October 2010.From The Huffington Post to XOJane, Lampanelli has recycled the same tired, misguided rhetoric that some black people use to justify re-purposing plantation language as a show of camaraderie -- namely, that the use of an "a" instead of an "er" makes the word acceptable.She told The Huffington Post: "The N-word ending in 'er' is far different context from the word ending in 'a.' Ask any person who knows the urban dictionary, it means 'friend,'" she said.Silverman once tweeted a picture of herself in blackface with the caption “I’m having minstrel cramps.” Another joke, delivered with her trademark unassuming sweetness: “I used to go out with a guy who was half black who totally broke up with me because I’m a f——- loser. While Sidney Poitier was onscreen, Handler tweeted, “#Nelson Mandela looks great.” She also tweeted “#Angelina Jolie just filed adoption papers #lupitanyongo.” Despite the backlash, Handler stood by her tweets.If anything, Handler was perhaps guilty of trying too hard to be edgy and coming up with a blade desperately in need of a whetstone.

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"He would be around a lot of good-looking chicks and never look at another girl, never say anything dirty." PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings Though their marriage is coming to an end, the pair intends to stay close.I have always used in my act every racial slur there is for Asians, blacks, gays, and Hispanics.To me, it's acceptable if the joke is funny and if it is said in a context of no hate. because I have, I think, over 800 likes of it on Instagram, I forget the number, I have to look it up."And by the way, if I had put the word ending in 'er,' that would have been a very derogatory thing about Lena meaning she is less than me, and I view her as very above me.'A' on the end means 'my friend.'" "I've played every comedy club and every theatre across the country for the last 25 years and seen a lot of audience members from different ethnic persuasions," she continued. That in and of itself is nothing spectacular, but her pathetic, self-serving attempts at justifying her vocabulary choice have probably been her funniest -- unintentional -- jokes to date.