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3, the well that revealed the “Great Black Giant€Vb Cr Lf of sweet crude hidden under the red clay of East Texas. might well have been the richest man in the country, at least as wealthy as J. He lived in a white colonial mansion on White Rock Lake modeled after George Washington’s Mount Vernon, only bigger. once said, “If you know how rich you are, you aren’t very rich.€Vb Cr Lf Tom Hunt was 16 when he started working for H. Generations of Hunts came to rely on “Uncle Tom€Vb Cr Lf as their peacemaker, corporate investigator, and Christmas turkey carver, the one trusted above all others as the arbiter of matters relating to the family fortune. Tom is the glue,€Vb Cr Lf says Lyda Hill, one of H. Tom also became the trustee or advisor of many of those trusts, whose number and complexity grew as the family, and the family’s business, expanded.
They understand the importance of balancing life and love.