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Despite such censoring — or perhaps, because of it — it is vital that we thoroughly understand the topic, rather than passively accepting anything with which our unbelieving culture and media might try to inculcate us.

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Her victims are always lone unsuspecting male travellers on foot.

The legend also advises men that if they chance upon a woman that they are suspicious of, they should put a branch or stick on the ground and ask the woman to walk over.

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Foreign-born population of Turkey: Throughout its history, the Ottoman Empire welcomed altogether hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Spanish and Portuguese Jews after 1492; political and confessional refugees from Central Europe: Hungarian revolutionaries after 1848, Jews escaping the pogroms and later the Shoah, Circassians, Ossetians and Chechens from the Russian Empire, Trotskyists fleeing the USSR in the 1930s; People moving into Turkey during the Republican Period include Muslim refugees (Muhajir) from formerly Muslim-dominated regions invaded by Christian States, like Crimean Tatars, Algerian followers of Abd-el-Kader, Mahdists from Sudan, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other Central Asian Turkic-speaking peoples fleeing the USSR and later the war-torn Afghanistan, Balkan Muslims, either Turkish-speaking or Bosniaks, Bulgarian Muslims, Albanians, Greek Muslims etc., fleeing either the reborn majority-Christian states or later the Communist regimes, in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria for instance.

Pot Mosbi, 1 Febuari, 2017- UN Divelopmen Progrem i tokaut long aplikeisen blong Meri instait long Paliment trenin long mon Mas 2017 long Pot Mosbi.Long 2012, 50 PNG meri ibin trenin long namba wan taim blong displa progrem instait long kantri.As tingting blong displa prektis palimen blong meri, em blong giving ol pretikol rot blong ol i luksave long ol trutru pasin blong kamapim ol polisi na luksave long wok blong memba blong paliment isave wok.Displa progrem, ibin kamap wantaim toktok na wok bung wantaim blong Nesenal Paliment blong PNG, Dipatment blong Kominiti Divelopmen na Lotu, Ofis blong Regista blong Politikol Pati wantaim UNDP bai ingat tripla rot blong trenin.Husait iken aplie: Meri we tingting long sanap long 2017 nesenal eleksen na lokol eleksen long 2018 Het Meri blong Kominiti husait tingting long lainim niupla rot blong lidasip, toktok politiks na polisi skils.I bin igat planti kain trenin olsem bifo tasol igat planti tok askim long impek long lukim meri igat sans long kamapim wok blong paliment; displa trenin igat bikpla tingting long stretim displa tingting na askim long ol meri igat sans long stap instait na wok blong ronin gavman olsem memba blong paliment.