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The study of interpersonal attraction is a major area of research in social psychology.

Interpersonal attraction is related to how much one likes, dislikes or hates someone.

It can be viewed as a force acting between two people that tends to draw them together and resist their separation.

When measuring interpersonal attraction, one must refer to the qualities of the attracted as well as the qualities of the attractor to achieve predictive accuracy.

Shah, an Indian American, pretended to be the “Cumin Baron of Calcutta” and slipped inside with a hidden camera.

Convinced by Shah’s getup, the women inside cuddled up to him warmly. In a move that might shock those same journalism professors who insist that reporters tell the truth, Shah kept up his charade during an interview with CNN reporter Jeanne Moos, perhaps sealing his fate as a journalistic heretic.

Isn’t this the universe as envisioned by Andy Kaufman, the seemingly always-on performance artist?

Interpersonal attraction, the process, is distinct from perceptions of physical attractiveness, which involves views of what is and is not considered beautiful or attractive. Imagine Sarah Bullock, playing a conservationist with Greenpeace, pushing past the secretary to confront the CEO of the oil company which plans to drill off of Venice Beach, played by George Clooney. Personally, if I met some woman who was into rodeos, it might be fun to learn more about her passions.I wonder if we met in today’s angrier America whether we could even get past the first swipe.Even in our all-publicity-is-good Internet era, Shah, 28, seems to have perfected the art of multimedia self promotion, as was evident when on assignment for magazine in 2008.Then his mission was to infiltrate an event called “Natural Selection Speed Dating,” which was open only to men worth millions and women who wanted to go out with them.After a five-year career of writing for publications such as the , which debuted in September.