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TIP: For the full reports library, choose: Note that tabular reports have been replaced in Project 2013 by Excel-like graphical reports. An audio-video movie that takes you step-by-step through the post above can be found within Lesson F4 of our Project Mentor and Project Tutor learning systems. Click on a report category, then (or Double-Click). On the Project tab, in the Reports group, click Reports. Click on a report category, then click the Select button (or Double-Click). Click on a specific report, then click the Select button to enter print preview.The difference is that in 2010 the administrator could change the permission level for the Project Managers group, and the permissions would not change subsequently.In the newer versions, the selection of Project Server Permissions mode enables a feature called “Project Web App Sync”.We also want to improve the effectiveness of resource managers by providing Resource Assignment views that contain only tasks that still apply.

In addition, References F4.1 and F4.2 of Project Mentor will tell you all you need to know about the subject discussed above.

That all sounds great…but what Native app store apps do things like send push notifications, work offline, look and feel like an app (as Apple and Google have imagined them), load on the homescreen, and so on and so forth.

Mobile Web Apps accessed in a mobile browser, by comparison, historically haven’t done those things.

Progressive Web Apps fix that with new Web APIs, new design concepts, and new buzzwords. Hybrid apps, like Ionic with Cordova, run uninhibited in the native app environment, with all the features we expect of any native app.

But pull out the web content from a hybrid app and load it in a mobile browser, and the app is thusly constrained by the features of the browser (for a variety of good security and API standardization reasons).