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Nothing is more all-American than a cross-country road trip.

But much like there's more than one way to skin a cat, there are also many ways to cross the country.

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They are interrupted when Congressman Matt Skinner greets Leo and Mallory briefly, offering congratulations on getting the banking bill passed. Toby and Sam are meeting in Toby’s office, and are wondering what has happened to their writing talent. J.’s office and tells her he heard about the President roughing up the VP in the cabinet meeting, but he won’t reveal his source.

After he leaves, Leo offers Mallory the subscription Opera tickets he used to share with his wife, and Mallory wonders why he didn’t talk to her while asking if she was going to use the tickets! Josh comes up and wants to know if they have heard anything about amendments being added to the banking bill. She refuses to confirm it on the record, but confirms it off the record. The Vice President is talking to reporters, including Danny.

The man is best known as a serial famous-lady dater who also sings sometimes.

This turn of events is particularly interesting, though, because Katy is John's first high-profile romance after his much-hyped escape-to-Montana chapter.