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I thought we were on the road to “happily ever after.” After several years, he just couldn’t commit to marriage. Some singles will not date a man or woman whose status is “separated.” While there isn’t a category of “separated, divorce pending” to select from, if you are not legally divorced, you are still married and may be unavailable. More often than not, a transition relationship will run its course. It is more common in cases of a difficult divorce than in an amicable divorce or the loss of a spouse.

Terms of dating

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Catch and release is when someone tries so hard to “catch” a significant other, but then once they have them, they “release” them. This is when someone has a flirtatious relationship with you, but will sometimes not answer texts at all, never follows through with plans and doesn’t really have intentions of dating you, according to ‘s Jason Chen.

It’s basically like they are “benching” you like a third-string basketball player, but they keep you around for their own needs and selfish reasons.

Usually a fuckboy is a guy who isn't very nice to ladies, or doesn't act like a gentleman.

Used in a sentence: "That fuckboy grabbed my ass at the club last night." Definition: A small overnight bag of the essentials.

And with online dating apps seeming to be ever-prevailing, meeting a romantic partner in the traditional sense is becoming uncommon.

Now though, there are terms to help you decipher those age old dating issues within a modern-day context (cue reading back through old texts to analyse what the subtext of that five-word text is).

And yes, it's inspired by Less dramatic than ghosting, but still annoying af.

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It's kinda like if ghosting and haunting had a baby.Ghosting This is when someone ends a relationship [whether it’s texting, talking, hooking up or dating] without any explanation or communication.This person abruptly cuts off all communication at once… Bread-crumbing This may be a “new” term, but it’s definitely an act that’s been around for ages. Bread-crumbing is when a person sends you flirtatious, but non-committal text messages [aka, bread crumbs] — according to — without any intention of actually dating.Slow Fade The slow fade — similar to ghosting — is when you gradually back away from the relationship.If you’ve ever been in the dating game you’ll probably have at least one disastrous tale to tell.This is typically used for a one-night-stand and includes things like a toothbrush, condoms, and a hairbrush. Used in a sentence: "I forgot my shack pack so I was stuck brushing my teeth with my finger." Definition: AF stands for "as fuck." But it is commonly used to describe someone who is super single.