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Whether it progresses to the stages of engagement followed by marriage is a screening process up to each invidual couple, I place no great need upon tying the knot, once we're living together that was already my expression of a desire to build a future together.

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From Lucid (10.04) and higher, Firefox will be upstreamed in main.

You don't need to add any PPA to get the newest Firefox.

We cannot upgrade Firefox to a recent version in Ubuntu just by navigating to Help and by clicking the Check for Updates option!

- the way usually followed by everyone to upgrade Firefox browser in their Windows machine. Either by adding a PPA and upgrade or by downloading the binaries and installing it manually.

[Security-testing packages]Not recommended but useful for developer.You could try updating your distro (canonical) version of Firefox but IIRC the version of Ubuntu you appear to be on 8.04 LTS (Lucid) may not offer official upgrades of Firefox (or presumably other software such as Open Office/Libre Office).You could switch to a newer Ubuntu version, possibly 12.04 LTS (precise) . Precise will have a newer version of Firefox and will allow updating of the distro Firefox install.Getting Firefox installed on your computer is your first step to using it.This article will show you how to install Firefox on Linux.Open a terminal and run the following commands: W: Can't drop privileges for downloading as file '/var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/ado‌​be-flashplugin_20160‌​407.1tar.gz' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'.